Pooling Information Is Laundering Information – Governments Are Money Launderers

What’s the difference between money laundering, general accounting principles as they are currently practiced, the process of taxation, the use of fiat money to create general liquidity, the practice of monthly financial reporting, and the process of electing government officials as proxies for sovereign actions?


These are all examples of pooling. Pooling information so that causality is removed from that information. They are distortions of the human system of cooperation and coordination. They are an act of money laundering so that the causes and origins of that money can be attributed to mythical causes, rather than identified or deduced to the actual, rational ones.

Truth is causality.

We can have redistributive government. We can have safe monetary policy. We can disempower the governments ability to generate and foster class and group conflict.

We just have to create a form of government that prevents pooling. Pooling is laundering. Laundering is the primary tool of those who commit fraud.

Sound incomprehensible to you? It isn’t. It’s actionable. It’s not expensive. It will transform humanity as much as has industrialization. It will radically increase the rate at which humans solve problems together. It will concentrate capital for productive ends, and deliver the results to the populace.

We developed libertarianism to stop state theft, and state dissolution of society, and the state’s empowerment of luddite systems of metaphysics like Marxism and Socialism. But in our ambition to do so we lost the purpose of property and trade. We lost our sense of community. Of the general costs of running society that are paid by all men. Of our need to cooperate in groups with others around the world. Libertarianism is a defensive posture. Like conservatism, we need an offensive posture. We need something to promise people in order to maintain our freedom to be the creative class, and to create a competitive society.

The answer was laying there since Weber. We were so busy defending ourselves that we didn’t see that answer. Great minds like Hayek and Mises failed. Keynes failed and achieved the opposite of his intent. They were too enamored of the Civic Republican tradition and too optimistic about government.

I know that answer. That answer is a program. It will empower conservatives with a message. It will retain a meritocratic society and the propensitiy for hard work, innovation, competitiveness, and retain the most important feature of any culture, it’s symbols of STATUS as those that are founded in the heroic tradition’s self sacrifice and competition for the common good.

We can restructure government. We can do it in the USA with amendments. We can rid ourselves of the IRS and the specious justification of government interference in our lives. We can redistribute what is justly the wealth belonging to the people in need. We can.

Capitalism 3.0. The Credit Society.

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