Capitalism? It’s Cooperative Technology. It’s Not A Religion.

A laugh. From a Galambos Fan. A link to a posting on Dubai’s economy.

“Capitalism is that societal structure whose mechanism is capable of protecting all forms of property completely.” — Galambos
Is the new epic-center of capitalism to be the Islamic World?

They already have a religion… 😉

But let’s look at this Islamic world:

  • Low median iq.
  • Poor education.
  • Science-denying biases.
  • Rampant mysticism.
  • Religious schism.
  • No core state

Dubai simply has no oil and wants to be the Switzerland of the Muslim world.

This is not a capitalist strategy per se. It makes no appeal to the social order. 

Instead It is a casino strategy – draw from extended regions whomever you can regardless of how they obtained their money. 

Capitalism is either a social order with incentives for all members, or it is a platonic and absurd personal philosophy that runs counter to the facts.  😉


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