Month: January 2011

  • Philosophy is the Doctrine of the Middle Class

    Leading an organization of human beings of any size, is a complex and difficult task. Human events are kaleidic. The common people have complex and conflicting motivations and incentives. Leaders must convey near omniscience because their followers are moved at the lowest cost in the shortest time under the assumption of near omniscience. Power is obtained by a mixture of […]

  • The Hierarchy Of Human Cognitive Biases

    I am not really sure that I should talk about theses biases as a hierarchy, because I think that the different cognitive biases we rely upon to make our multitudinous decisions every day is actually a map: an unordered but weighted network of relations. But if we express them as a spectrum from the most fundamental and physical, to the […]

  • Spectrum Blindness: The Frequency Of Concepts, And Conceptual Networks As Production Cycles

    Time Preferences form a spectrum, from the very short (high), to the very long (low) — just as do frequencies of light. As one’s [glossary:time preference] increases in length (lowers), and the ability to perceive abstracts must necessarily increase. As one’s ability to perceive abstracts decreases, time preference also must necessarily decrease (lower). On average we all see a similar […]

  • It’s Not Colonization, It’s Containment

    Obama was warned by Bush, along with the other democratic candidates, that once he gained office he would not be able to exit either country. The one who paid attention to that warning was Clinton. Obama softened slightly but was more reliant on the radical left. So he wasn’t as careful. Now that he’s in office he can’t fulfill his […]

  • Is There A War On Police?

    There have been a large number of police deaths lately. “It’s not a fluke,” Richard Roberts, a spokesman for the International Union of Police Associations, told “There’s a perception among officers in the field that there’s a war on cops going on.” This is not rocket science, but it cannot be attributed to one thing alone. Instead: 1) Prolonged […]

  • Capitalism Is A Political Concept

    THIS IS FALSE: “capitalism is not a political concept” – Andrew J Galambos. THIS IS TRUE: Capitalism is not a *rhetorical* concept that relies upon the process of debate for the purpose of decision-making about the use of resources within a geography. However, capitalism is a political concept, because it relies upon the **absence** of rhetorical debate for the purpose […]

  • Mario Rizzo: Hobbesian War (First Great Thought Of 2011).

    I captured this post in it’s near-entirety from Think Markets. It’s the first succinct and meaningful post of the year that I’ve come across. And I captured it for my own reference, for posterity. Of course, my answer to this problem is the calculative rather than political society. Unfortunately, unless I devote full time to this solution to the Hobbesian […]