Irrational Criticism Of Mubarak’s Replacement

In a nation with no institutions other than tribal alliances, only members of the existing hierarchy can replace a leader, because the only institution that the society relies upon is loyalty to individuals, and religion, not to principles.

In fact, this is the entire problem with the primitive civilization we call Islam. There is loyalty to family and tribe, loyalty to religion, but no loyalty to principles of government.

We forget in the west, how miraculous and uncommon is our transfer or power between regimes. The anglo world is unique in it’s stability. Western culture is unique, and it’s method of government is unique. It is, since antiquity, based upon the balance of powers.

The rest of the world lives under precisely the opposite postion: the concentration of power.

We cannot hold others up to our standards.

We can only help them understand that if they wish our economic prosperity, them must adopt our forms of loyalty.

Loyalty first, to principles.

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