Is It Worth Our Efforts? An Prayer For Revolution By The Nobility

When we invented farming, money and cities, we had to convert the barbarians into peasants.

As a consequence, we had to endure their disastrous magical religions.

When we invented credit, and machines, we had to convert the peasants into proles.

As a consequence, we had to endure their ridiculous Marxism and it’s murderous and impoverishing consequences.

When we invented fiat money, nationalism, mass production, we had to covert the proles into consumers,.

As a consequence had to endure their ridiculous redistributionism, multiculturalism, feminism, and Democratic Socialism

[callout]I pray thee God, deliver us unto Kings, and save us from ‘The People’.[/callout]

When we invented consumer credit and digital technology, we tired to to convert consumers into middle class citizens, and entrepreneurs.

As a consequence we have had to endure conversion into a minority, loss of sovereignty, declining birth rates, and threats of Islamist movements.

In retrospect, our advances are unwanted. The proles are a permanent resistance movement. A permanent detriment to the species.

Our advances are unwanted and unappreciated. We are demonized by the lower class, not as heroes acting for the good of all but as selfish malcontents.

There is never enough improvement to sate the desires of people whose real motivation is to counteract the one irreconcilable problem:

The daily reality of their social status as consumers, proles, peasants and barbarians – as the lower class.

Their status is written on their faces. IN their genes. In their body language. In their speech. They cannot escape it.

They rail against their betters, envying what they do not have, cannot have, and would not have, but for the efforts of their betters.

Why then, do we simply not return the consumers, proles, and peasants to barbarism and ourselves to nobility in the process?

The proles act as if their threats of revolution are meaningful. When, the opposite is just as clearly true: That the strong can easily eat the weak.

Maybe it’s time to recognize the futility of our heroism.

The few have always been able to buy the cooperation of a minority willing to oppress the rest.

If only in our self defense. To stop them from destroying the world we have made.

“I pray thee God, deliver us unto Kings, and save us from ‘The People’.”

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