Marxism For The Dim.

Radical Islam is just Marxism for even ‘dumber’ people.

The IQ in the West? It’s 100. In it’s proletariat? Looks like in the UK it’s 84-85.
Among eastern Europeans? It’s 94. In it’s proletariat? Hard to calculate. Perhaps 80?
Among muslims? It’s 84. In it’s proletariat? Again, hard to calculate. Perhaps 80, but more likely in the 70’s?

People are not equal in intellectual capacity.
They cannot possess equal frameworks by which to determine their actions.
Religions are good for IQ’s under 100.
Rationalism is good for IQ’s over 105.
Simple frameworks are for simple people.
Islam is a very, simplistic framework.
Muslims are very, very, simple people.

Islam like Marxism is a framework for peasants: the permanently ignorant and impoverished.

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