The Luddism Of Marxism And Anarcho Capitalism

All human beings seek to game the market.

The market system depends upon it.

Without the desire to game the market and prices, we would have no innovation, no production increases, and no price decreases.

In our market, innovation is the only ‘fair’ means by which we tolerate winning.

Because winning in this market, means consumers reap the rewards of competition.

Credit innovation is perhaps the most powerful advantage that the west has possessed.

But all human beings seek to game the market.

The market is a construct of man.

As a construct it needs to be maintained.

Not just from external forces, not jjust from governemnts, not just from cooperative organizations, but from individuals as well.

Marxism is an effort to game the market.

Anarchic libertarianism is an effort to game the market.

Both seek to obtain the rewards of market activity at a discount.

Both are luddite strategies. Both seek trade rather than market.

Both are regressive strategies.

The market, it’s incentives, it’s rules, and it’s communication system of prices are a construct of man.

And like any other machine, it needs maintenance.

It does not need direction – no human can provide the knowlege to guide it.

Instead, It needs to protect against rust: the human propensity for corruption.

The very propensity for curruption that guarantes that ihumans innovate to drive the market itself.

And silly philosophies whether they be the marxist suppostion that people will not ‘cheat’ or the libertarian suppostiion that people will not act with corruption, are both no more than wishing that gravity did not exist, or that iron did not oxidize.

Or, that there is a divine god who gives us scritpture and determines the course of our lives.

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