Is The US Any More Or Less Redistributive Than Europe?

On the Economist’s View, a Dr Why, a commenter says

In the United States, countercyclical fiscal and monetary policies redistribute income mainly from the rich to the poor, which is politically acceptable. In Europe, countercyclical policies also redistribute income from the German pensioners to the Greek civil servants and the Italian Mafia, which is much less acceptable.

Eventually, Germany will probably have to capitulate, since it needs the euro more than anyone else; but for now German politicians have no choice but to play this game of chicken in order to get the best possible deal for their voters.

This is true ideologically but not not in practice.

The resistance we see in the states is driven by a redistribution from white to non-white. Today’s poll numbers, divided along racial lines, illustrate natural human tribal sentiments. And that any concept of ‘fair’ is governed by the transfer of status signals in exchange for money. This means that groups with different status signals will never permit monetary transfers. And since racial groups contain different status signals, they will, at least under duress, fail to be charitable with their money.

The status signal economy provides all human incentives because it determines access to mates and experiences. THe status signal economy is as real an equilibrium as are supply and demand or IS-MP curves.

It is unscientific to believe otherwise.

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