Honduran Experiments In Creating The Libertarian Paradise

Over On The Economist, an unnamed author writes that the Hondurans are sponsoring a libertarian experiment:

, libertarians have a real chance to implement their ideas. In addition to a big special development region, the Honduran government intends to approve two smaller zones. And two libertarian-leaning start-ups have already signed a preliminary memorandum of understanding with the Honduran government to develop them.

Then references this chart which lists other attempts at libertarian utopias.

But they only serve to illustrate the futility of these paradises.

The biggest problem for any libertarian venture, is that the cost of developing an economy on anything other than LAND that contains human beings who may act as consumers is simply too high for an economy to form. The sea is, so to speak, infertile soil. The cost of prohibiting rent-seeking is equally high.

Libertarianism states will be created by the application of violence against those who do not wish to possess freedom, and maintained only by the application of violence against those who would steal freedom.

Silly anarchic fantasies to the contrary.

Monarchy. Rule of the One-Law Under Common Law. Private government. Freedom.

Violence is the source of freedom. Do not surrender your violence without demanding freedom in exchange.

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