Getting To Denmark

This has a distinctly Chinese authoritarian tone to it. And that’s OK. If we can admire the Chinese for their current economy we can admire the rest of their political edicts too:

Economists, social scientists, public intellectuals and politicians all use the Nordic Fallacy: the goal of making every country like Denmark. ie: a small homogenous germanic protestant country surrounded by other germanic protestants, with no exterior enemies and no need for self defense, and no strategic resources. We might ask, why we don’t ‘get to Switzerland’ which as a country has a far harder political problem.

That said, here is how the average country can Get To Denmark:

  1. Any state larger than 10M must secede a territory sufficient to reduce it to 10M.
  2. Outlaw Consanguineous marriages out to three generations (This is the most important tactic one can take.)
  3. Outlaw non-english foreign web access, video, television channels, and literature. (english is Lingua Franca of business and science, that’s the only reason to grant it an exception.)
  4. Outlaw and eliminate non christian and or non-secular religious buildings, businesses, and associations.
  5. Raise the age of consent to 21, and the age of marriage to 25 with severe penalties, including prison or permanent deportation and tattooing.
  6. Require proof of sustainable income in order to have a child, with loss of the child, permanent imprisonment or deportation as the consequence.
  7. Enumerate all Property Rights within an immutable constitution, and require all legislation passed to demonstrate why it is permitted by the constitution.
  8. Use lottocracy rather than democracy to rotate political positions every two years.
  9. Outlaw job protection for anyone who directly or indirectly serves the government.
  10. Get a king and queen. The nordics have them. Monarchs are the only form of government people understand and the most common in history – and the tend to stop people from seeking too much political power, or being too ridiculously ambitious.
  11. Mandatory eduction in the western cannon for all citizens regardless of their age at immigration. Religion doesn’t matter as much as the western cannon does. It’s secular but the moral christian values are pervasive and unavoidable.
  12. Mandatory use of single language. Period. No exceptions. Give tickets for it if you have to.
  13. Mandatory civil service for women (delay marriage, and forcibly indoctrinate into cultural norms, with extended work, loss of fertility, and prison for abdication.)
  14. Mandatory military service for males (Forcible cultural indoctrination with physical punishment and loss of fertility for abdication.)
  15. Zero Tolerance Policy with 3 strikes life prison sentences. (Harsh prison sentences have been successful in the USA as a deterrent.)

That’s what it will take to get to ‘Denmark’. Twenty years of that and you’ll have a solid polity with redistsrbutive instincts. That’s exactly what the european monarchies and nation states did. It’s what the Chinese are doing. And that’s why no one will get there.

And in case find that list objectionable, I don’t usually do this but I’ll quote Rand:

“It’s only human,” you cry in defense of any depravity, reaching the stage of self-abasement where you seek to make the concept “human” mean the weakling, the fool, the rotter, the liar, the failure, the coward, the fraud, and to exile from the human race the hero, the thinker, the producer, the inventor, the strong, the purposeful, the pure–as if “to feel” were human, but to think were not, as if to fail were human, but to succeed were not, as if corruption were human, but virtue were not–as if the premise of death were proper to man, but the premise of life were not.

In other words, the progressives forgive all possible depravity and call the coward, lazy and fools heroic. While those of us who work daily with discipline and courage are called selfish and inhuman.

Nonsense. Time to be done with the cult of guilt: No guilt. No white guilt, no christian guilt, no colonial guilt, no male guilt. Take it back. Take it back now. We did the world the greatest favor since the domestication of plants and animals. Ask for respect not forgiveness.

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  1. Whoa. This is a fine essay. I’ve tangled with the Nordic fallacy a hundred times and I never thought of even a tongue-in-cheek way to get there, I just said, “First, start out with a region full of Scandinavians. Then, divide it into homogenous kingdoms. Keep in mind that the countries you make can’t even have different flag patterns, only different flag colors. Then, you’re done.” (Finland is a quasi-exception to this, since it’s a non-Scandinavian republic. I guess the rule then is that speaking an Indo-European language is NOT important, being evolved in a chilly climate with a lot of coastline IS.)

    • Thank you for the kind words. (Although, honestly, I really like how you illustrate the issue. 🙂

      Speaking an indo european language is actually an advantage. Speaking a germanic language more so – it’s a fact-and-duty language. But if you don’t speak that language being surrounded by stronger people who do doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

      Read “Power and Weakness” by Kagan.

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