Yes. It’s OK. I know. I Realize I’m Adding The Virtue Of Violence Back Into Libertarianism.

Violence is a virtue not a vice.
Like any resource it is scarce and can be put to good and ill uses.
But try to create property rights without it.
Try to hold your property rights without it.
You can’t. No one has. No one will.
Property is a product of the application of violence.
Property is a minority preference with majority returns.
Liberty is a minority preference with majority returns.
Almost all humans seek to consume products of the market.
Very, very few humans seek to produce products for the market.
The majority of humans seek every possible opportunity to avoid participation in the market.
The only people who participate in the market are the self employed, or the commissioned.
People who sell there services in exchange for wages are avoiding the market.
Government employees are avoiding the market.
Unions members who seek security and wages are avoiding the market. (not safety)
The wealthy and the retired are avoiding the market.
Under agrarianism, everyone was in the market.
Everyone produced for both themselves and the market.
Under consumer capitalism, very few people participate in the market.
Do we wonder why rent seekers are more numerous than producers?

Violence is a form of wealth.
Do not surrender it unless you receive freedom in exchange.
And take back your violence if the warrantee on your freedom is broken.

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