Why Do We Conduct Ideological Warfare? Democracy. That’s why.

Because, under Democratic Republicanism, and under Social Democracy, we conceive of government as majority right to establish laws under which we all must conform to a singular perception of the means and ends by which we create the common good, rather than a process by which we can negotiate contracts consisting of exchanges with one another despite our different preferences for means and definitions of the common good.

Laws evolve, and are discovered not made. Contracts are made with the intention of mutual benefit. The problem with ‘laws’ is that the next legislator can break the contract between groups willfully, and bad laws do not expire with the tenure of the people who wrote them.

Government as we have constructed it is destroying our society.

Yes we need a new civic religion. But democratic government that makes laws, rather than contracts within the one law of voluntary exchange, should be left behind on the dustbin of history with the magical gods and treated as a superstition equal to them.

via Curt Doolittle.

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