We Need A Very Different Government

While we use it as such, Government is not a synonym for a bureaucracy that wields law with which it coerces others by the threat of violence. It is not government itself that people disagree with. It is government whose actions they disagree with. And those actions are only possible because we believe government must consist of a bureaucracy. Everything we disdain about government is a criticism of bureaucracy, and the iron law of oligarchy that is the unavoidable consequence of bureaucracy. We don’t need a bureaucracy. We dont need majority rule. We need a government where groups and classes can exchange with one another. We need something entirely different from what we have.

2 responses to “We Need A Very Different Government”

  1. Productivity differences between classes without redistribution does seem to lead to popular revolt in history. This can only be “voluntary” in the sense that the wealthy who did not patronize the poor could expect to be targeted and thus act out of fear.

    Of course a negative income tax a la Freeman is vastly preferable to the current state of affairs, but it precludes the upper classes from imposing their values on the poor as a means to signal to other upper class people how good they are and is thus unpopular.

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