Natural Law Is An Attempt By The Weak Church To Obscure The Fact That The Source Of Property Is Violence.

[W]e are each born with a capacity for violence. Some more. Some less.

During our lives we develop that capacity. Some more some less.

Prior to the institution of property, this violence is one of our forms of wealth.

We trade our wealth of violence in exchange for the institution of property.

If our property is taken from us then we no longer need exchange our wealth in violence for it.

And we may now use our wealth of violence for other purposes.

We pay for property with our wealth in violence.

The source of all property is violence.

Natural law is a convenient construct of the church in order to obscure the inconvenient truth that the source of property is the application of violence.

Understood correctly, this means that natural law is an attempt at redistribution: to obtain the expensive right of property at a dramatic discount.

As such. Arguments to natural law are acts of fraud.

The source of property is violence.

– Curt Doolittle ( libertarians have fun trying to get out of that box. ).


2 responses to “Natural Law Is An Attempt By The Weak Church To Obscure The Fact That The Source Of Property Is Violence.”

  1. One’s own person is a form of property. It’s a scarce resource as it is a conduit to existence. Across many forms of life there is an instinct for life to preserve itself. When some form of life infringes on another’s property, for whatever reason, it acts as a trigger for the preservation instinct.

    Existence itself creates the circumstances that lead to violence in that the preservation of property is instinctual.

    In a linear way, I’m not sure there is anything that comes before property. It is true that the existence of some life necessarily threatens another so I can see the arguement that violence is a precondition of life itself. I’d still argue that for the violence to follow there would need to be property first.

    I agree that violence is a form of wealth and that it is being traded for something.

    Certainly religion plays on our understanding of existence and would have folks surrender property to it. If it happens to do so by using the human condition as a framing device to garner trust by providing a creation myth that doesn’t mean that the way they framed reality is wholly wrong.

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