Fascism: What Are The Indicators Of A Fascist State?

Your question is worded oddly. One could define a Fascist state. We can enumerate the properties of fascist states.  By use of the term ‘indicators’ you imply that either this convention isn’t something you’re familiar with, or that you are trying to establish the properties of a state that describe a trend.  If the former, then that’s possible. If the latter, it is very difficult to argue that any given policy is fascist versus a simple example of retaliatory trade policy.

Fascism is the pursuit of Autarky (economic and resource indepenence) under a corporation called the state, which represents an extended tribe of people (nation) by direct intervention with industry and trade to give preference to autarkic exchanges despite pricing signals that would normally instruct members of any given industry to operate efficiently by buying by price alone.

Fascism is merger of the state and industry such that industry adopts autarkic pricing, buying within the country, rather than market pricing.  This is what it means. That this political agenda has been accomplished by all manner of propaganda is not material, since all political efforts are accomplished by propaganda and some appeal to nationalism. People attach a great deal of emotional load to the term that is not relevant.  So it is easy to fail to understand this strategy.


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