Liberty Isn’t Inherent. It’s unnatural. We create it with Organized Violence.

Liberty isnt’ ‘inherent’. Liberty is created by force and held by force. And no people without an armed militia to do so has even had liberty. Property is ‘inherent’ in the sense that it’s necessary, and that the mind is organized to make use of it. But liberty, which is the universal prohibition on the involuntary transfer of property, is a construct made and held by the will to use violence.

Liberty is unnatural to man. That’s why it doesn’t exist outside of a few cases in western history.

Liberty produces peace because conflict must be resolved in the market.

Pacifist libertarianism is not only illogical, and counter to the evidence, but it’s suicidal.

Don’t buy into the christian nonsense in libertarian theory. Liberty is a product of the application of violence. It always has been and it always will be.”

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