How Does A Police Officer Determine If A Woman Is Lying?

It’s actually pretty simple. They try to figure out who tells the first lie, or provides the least believable explanation.

It is VERY easy to tell when people are lying. If you spend time at it, it’s patently obvious. The problem is, most of the time, everyone is lying.   Which is why you shouldn’t bother to lie to police. Just remain mute and let them do their thing, no matter what they say. If you must say anthing at all, then the only advice you can give anyone is to make sure that you are very clear what it is that the policeman is asking you.  Because every word you use is not evidence as you intend it, but evidence as the officer iterprets it.  

If you say nothing other than your name and address, the worst that will happen is that you will ride in a car, go through some process, and come home the next morning a little tired. It is fear of this process that causes people to try to lie their way out of something.

Most importantly, the police don’t try to solve crimes. They try to find reasons to arrest people, so that they can separate them, so that there isn’t any greater conflict. The only reason they odn’t arrest people is when it’s too much work to do the paper, and they’re afraid that you might spend time and money criticizing them.  But you should never even dream that the police are there to make good judgements or solve crimes.  They exist to make arrests and let the court make judgements.

If there is a risk that their careers will be affected by a decision then they will be hostile and basically find every possible charge that they can dream up, and let the court system figure it out later.  This is their only defense against charges of impropriety or poor judgement.

You are never in a debate or argument with a policeman. You are being interrogated, and they are trying to either catch you in a lie or make you lie and if they find that they will assume everything is your fault.

If you are a man and the complainant is a woman, unless you can show blood it is your fault, always, everywhere. Women are never accountable for their words or actions unless they create visible harm to you.  The general assumption is that they are fairly harmless.  The general assumption is that men are dangerous.

These are not irrational, or empirically false assumptions.

That said, if the woman has a seedy past and the man has any assets at all it’s an even bet she’s lying. Statistically speaking we have pretty good numbers now on false rape and assault accusations.  It’s a substantial number, and I don’t keep up with it, but it’s not less than 5% and I think the 10% number looks believable.  

The best advice is to stay away from easy women, women who are drunk, or who use drugs.

I know…. I know….  That’s like telling moms not to shop at Walmart for the discounts, but that’s just reality.  Women don’t come at a discount.  The cost is always higher than the savings. 🙂  Its reproductive math.  It has to be that way. 🙂

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