Islamic Fundamentalism is a Totalitarian Political Movement, Not a Religion.

(Following up on Salman Rushdie’s argument that Islam is a weaponized and militarized religion)

Serious Stuff – The New Republic

[T]he author reiterates the point that Islamic fundamentalism is a totalitarian political movement.

I’ve been saying this for years. And it’s true. It may be structured as a religion, the way marxism was a religion structured as a science, but it’s a political movement.

We had to defeat the east repeatedly in our history.

The greeks held the east at bay, and the romans conquered it to keep it at bay.

We arguably lost to christianity until the Germans freed us from it.

We could have lost to marxism and communism, but we spent the west coming to a stalemate.

We have lost our will to keep islam at bay.

Partly because Heroic Aristocracy is alien to the majority.

Totalitarianism is man’s preferred state.

We should observe the actions of those who say otherwise.

Because man demonstrates an interest in the fruits of the market.

But he does everything possible to avoid participating in it.

And women in particular seem to love it to their own detriment.

For some reason, women seem to confused: their desire for collective opinion is in fact, a desire for totalitarianism. They are the same.

It’s genetic. Women just havent been responsible members of the political universe long enough to incorporate that reality into their oral history.

Women have taken the country left. Period. End of story.


(how much trouble will that get me in?)

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