Can I Get A Good Paying Job If I Studied International Relations?

There are only two ‘good’ career paths in the present economy: Medicine and Programming.

Medicine requires intelligence, reading comprehension, discipline, stamina, and exceptional memory skills. (It is not really mathematically rigorous. And is the last high paying occupation that we can say that of.)

Programming (at least most of it) requires fairly good reasoning and concentration skills. Pay is immediate but tops out before you exit your twenties and you ‘age’ quickly in the discipline.

Both fields present good opportunities for college graduates.

If you want a good paying job with international scope then study quantitative macro economics. Unfortunately, economics requires the most mathematical skill and is one of the most challenging disciplines outside of physics or math – even if it tends to pay better.  If you can’t manage economics then it’s useful to study international finance.

If you can’t manage finance then marketing research analyst requires basic statistical skills and is an interesting job.

A legal degree used to be  passport but the market is oversaturated and it is becoming an ordinary job.

Unlike finance, accounting is too tedious for someone with social and international interests, and is the modern entry level discipline for administrative labor.

“International Relations” is a code word for ‘Administrative support’ or ‘I will sell telephones soon’. 

The world has become extremely hostile to administrative and communications positions that have no quantitative and or statistical components to them.

If you are a female who speaks multiple languages and wants to find a mate outside of her family and social circle it is an expensive but useful way to find one. Otherwise no, it is only a meaningful set of culture studies to prepare one for work in finance, law, tax, shipping, or marketing and without  statistical capability in one of those fields it will not be a ‘good’ job unless you’re counting on ‘luck’ to save you. 🙂

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