How Does Coca-cola Pass National Food Agencies If They Don’t Reveal The Ingredients?

The ingredients are actually known, and available on the internet.  Water, sugar, salt, and eight or nine oils in very small quantities.  The countries that ban it do it to reject cultural influence, not because of ingredients.  In Coca Cola, the caffeine (unless something has changed) still comes from the Kola nut itself.  And the government has given exclusive rights to the company to use extracts of coca leaves – which is why no one can replicate the flavor.  The rest of the flavors are natural.  And there is a whole lot of science that the company can call on if someone wants to criticize it for some reason.  It’s fine as you don’t live on it. It’s better if you get the stuff made with sugar rather than corn syrup. 🙂  Much better. 🙂

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