Anarchism: What Becomes Of The Idea Of “job Security” Under Proposed Systems Of Anarchist Living?

Job security is an interesting term, because I don’t know how to define it honestly.   And I don’t think the term is meant to be honest whenever its used.

None of us has job security if we participate in the market. The security you have comes from maintaining marketable skills. Business today are temporary, disposable alliances.  And it looks like this trend will continue.  Employment likewise will continue to be driven by rapid changes in the marketplace.

The people outside of the market have ‘job security’ but those people are in ‘jobs’ only by analogy. Is being a soldier a job? Is being a senator a job?  An IRS Agent?  A job is driven by market. Otherwise you’re just another kind of soldier. If you cant be easily unemployed by changes in the market then you aren’t in a job, You’re a paid soldier of one kind or another.

If the question is, can we have employment insurance.  I think so. 
If the question is, can we have create a sort of minimum income scheme. I think possibly.  Can we do this in america? I don’t think so. The country is too big. And people are familial and tribal : they are members of some sort of kinship, and they remain that way for life.
If the question is, can you be insulated from the variation in the market so that you do not have to constantly maintain marketable skills? No, I don’t think so.

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