What Are The Biggest Unsolved Intellectual Problems In The World Today?

1) If we are to supply money to the economy, how do we know how much? When are we causing more distortion than good?
2) There is something wrong with the standard model.  What is the theory of the universe? The theory of ‘everything’?
3) What is the human population load bearing capacity of the planet? What is the next malthusian limit?
4) Is our progress since the industrial revolution little more than capturing hydrocarbons?  And if so, what happens when they’re gone?
5) Our anti-bacterial technology is losing effectiveness, and we still have not found an anti-viral solution.
6) Is Modern Monetary Theory possible, or will it produce perpetual, and destabilizing inflation?
7) We still have not solved the mind-body problem to everyone’s satisfaction. What is the answer?
8) What’s ‘after democracy’?  Because democracy apparently has very hard limits to where it will function, and seems to be of limited use outside of a small number of countries.
9) Is diversity really a good?  It doesn’t look like it.  And how do we solve that?
10) The problem of transhumanism: what does this mean for us?
11) The problem of the technological singularity.
12) What will happen if we have fully taken advantage of industrialization and we have half of the world’s population permanently poor and living in slums?


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