Is It True, As John C. Drew Asserts, That He Is “the Only Ph.d. Level, Published Political Scientist Contributing Comments At Quora”?

I don’t know if he is the only PhD, since there are a lot of PhD’s in Political Science.  You must realize that in America that a PhD does not mean that  you have mastered a field, but it means you have mastered the art of RESEARCH in your field.  And I am fairly sure that most questions are better answered by Pollsters, statisticians and Political Economists than political scientists. I am not sure that those of us who write political philosophy, even the philosophy of political economy, are any better at it than any of the other groups. 

But, that hedging said, by and large, very few specialists post here, and most of the questions are fraudulent attempts to promote leftism by asking critical questions.  See “The Critical Theory” and “The Culture of Critique” as means of undermining western moral and social structures through obscurantist criticism.

I tend to only answer questions here if they sound reasonably intelligent and honest, and thats a high bar for this forum.  And it’s getting worse.  Democracy is a pretty good way of peaceful transfer of power, but not a good way of understanding much of anything. It’s a race to the bottom in most cases.

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