(CORE)The Family Shrinks as Property and Wealth Expand


Primitive matrilineality (endogamous)
Community Family (endogamous)
Patriarchal Community Family (exogamous)
Authoritarian Family
Egalitarian Nuclear Family (~catholic)
Absolute Nuclear Family (endogamous) (Anglo Saxon)
Post-Marital Individual Family (endogamous) (Feminism)

The Anglo Saxon Absolute Nuclear Family
– no precise inheritance rules, frequent use of wills;
– no cohabitation of married children with their parents;
– no marriage between the children of brothers.

“…think of England as being like this for at least 750 years. We live in small families. We buy and sell houses. … Our parents expect us to leave home for paid work …You try to save up some money from your wages so that you can afford to get married. … You can choose your spouse … It takes a long time to build up some savings from your work and find the right person with whom to settle down, so marriage comes quite lately, possibly in your late twenties.

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