"Way's Of Thinking" Are Premodern Solutions. We Need Understanding of Our Failures and Institutions That Correct Them.

We dont need another way of thinking. We cant convince anyone to adopt it. We dont need a new religion or belief.

What we need is to understand why our beliefs, ways of thinking, and institutions failed to survive the extension of the franchise, and what to do about it now that they have failed.

We cannot turn back the clock. Nor is the absurdity of the progressive fantasy either possible or survivable.

It appears possible to reform our institutions by impending systemic collapse, or by outright insurrection.

But it is clear that the majority favors feudal equality over entrepreneurial freedom. Numbers tell us that they do.

So if we are to have freedom and they equality without one side conquering the other then we must sever our relations into multiple states or develop an alternative to majority monopoly rule.

Given the value of scale in an insurer of last resort, and the virtue of a multiplicity of city states. And given the economic opportunity and cultural freedom that secession creates for each state, it may be possible to design a compromise solution which serves the moral differences and financial commonalities if each given modern technology.

It would take a few years to implement but that time would permit demographic adjustment as well as the dismantlement of the federal monopoly, and the possibility if the solution would give vent to what is now leading to civil war.

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