Why Progressives Are In Denial


Why progressives are in denial over the immorality of GROWTH via CONSUMPTION and IMMIGRATION, rather than GROWTH via CONSTANT POPULATION and INVENTION.

Because if they don’t stay buried in denial, they have to admit that their greatest ‘achievement’ of the 20th century was a catastrophic failure that destroyed the inter-GENERATIONAL system of calculation, cooperation and incentives.

You know, there isn’t much difference between the necessity of money and prices for temporal coordination, and for the necessity of credit and interest for short inter-temporal coordination, and for the accumulation of wealth, and borrowing for long term, intergenerational coordination. These means of calculating are necessary, not arbitrary.

The following are true;
(a) consumption requires that population increases.
(b) growth requires that innovation increases
(c) consumption is not growth it is expansion – there is a difference.
(d) consumption can finance growth.
(e) the limit of consumption to finance growth is determined by the rate of invention produced by the financing of consumption.

(There is a tidy graph defined here, but I”m not interested enough to go draw it, so I’ll leave it up to your imagination.)

I don’t need to bring up that growth via consumption is dysgenic, and growth via invention is eugenic. We have to think about THE PLANET after all.

I also don’t need to bring up that growth via consumption is the (mindless) female reproductive strategy that depends on regulation by nature, and that growth via invention is the (mindful) male reproductive strategy, and that this largely provides the explanation for the differences in voting behavior.


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