Propertarianism : The Formal Logic of Cooperation

(There we go. Today was a milestone.)

Universally descriptive, universally commensurable logic of ethics. We no longer must rely on moral or rational argument in advocacy of moral, ethical or political preference. We can rely on ratio-scientific argument under which illustrates the multitude of thefts, or suppression of thefts, being conducted in any action.

Propertarianism, the logic of property, is the formal logic of cooperation.

  • Terminology
  • Grammar
  • Compactness
  • Explanatory power
  • Testability and Falsifiability (via Praxeology)

Praxeology, when corrected under Propertarianism by the enumeration of all types of property demonstrated by human action, is scientific because it consists in the universal, test of rationality of incentives, by means of sympathetic experience.

Private Property as the result of the suppression of discounts.
The suppression of discounts leaves the only possible human cooperation as fully informed, warranted, voluntary exchange. And the only possible means of competition, the quality and price of the production of goods and services.

Cause. Private property is a consequence of the organized application of violence for the purpose of suppressing all discounts, in all human action, regardless of sphere.

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