Argument, Moral Blindness, and Institutions

[I] can tell your moral code and political preference by the method you use to argue, as much as I can the moral bias of your arguments.

And I’m still surprised at myself, despite knowing that (other than conservatives) people are morally blind, I try to reason with people.

Now the fact is, that I know when I’m doing it, that it’s impossible. Like anyone else I hope to do a little education – to provide a light into the moral darkness.

But, my objective is actually to learn how to state my arguments in a multitude of fashions, such that they explain those different areas of moral blindness. I know I cannot convince others to change their moral bias. It’s genetic. But I can consistently improve my arguments.

My arguments are prescriptive. I know that is impossible. What I can do is construct institutions that allow us to cooperate despite these moral biases.

But in the end, we are other than gene-machines, using very elaborate language to justify our reproductive strategies.

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