Come Home To Aristocratic Egalitarianism – Leave The Ghetto

[I]’m an aristocratic egalitarian. I am willing to grant full spectrum Propertarian property rights to all who are equally willing to fight for it in word and deed to the best of their ability.

That is the ancient source of liberty: the aristocratic egalitarianism of the indo-europeans.

Libertarians from the Rothbardian movement are largely a collection of ‘pussy-tarians’, ‘coward-tarians’, ‘stupid-tarians’, ‘aspie-tarians’, ‘libertines’, and ‘dishonest-cheat-itarians’ who can be divided into two camps: those fooled by obscurantism, and those who are naturally liars, cheats, and dishonest.

Ditch ghetto libertarianism as the immoral dishonest scheme that it is.

Come home to aristocratic egalitarianism.

Take liberty by force, for moral reasons, rather than beg for it for immoral reasons.

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