“Doolittle is the Moldbug of Facebook”

[W]ell, I have no idea if that’s meant as a compliment or an insult. Of course, I consider myself part of the Dark Enlightenment (NeoReactionary movement). Mencius uses continental arguments which frustrate the hell out of me, since I’m trying to reform libertarian reasoning and formal institutions by basing it instead on unloaded, objective language of the ratio-scientific method.

But that said, it’s a fair association to make, whether compliment or criticism.

Just surprised me and made me laugh.
Photo: “Doolittle is the Moldbug of Facebook”

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Michael Pattinson
Ha ha ha

James Santagata

Jason Conway
My immediate association between Doolittle and Moldbug was the word ‘prolific’.

Curt Doolittle
Jason… Yeah, I thought the same thing. lol

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