Liberty Is Not A Product of Permission, But Of Choice

[W]ithout states how is liberty enforced?

It’s enforced aristocratically: by violence under the ternary logic of cooperation: Null-violence, 0-boycott, 1-cooperation.

If another individual desires property rights we grant them to one another in exchange for fighting to preserve those rights from all comers.

*We grant that right regardless of state, country, nation, or boundary*.

That is the origin and institution of aristocratic egalitarian liberty. Egalitarian meaning: “anyone who is willing to fight for property rights will be given property rights by all others in exchange.” And by contrast, those who do not demand property rights, will not fight for them, shall not be granted them.

Everything else is masturbatory begging for permission by slaves.

[Y]ou cannot have liberty, and property, if you have it by permission. That statement would be illogical.


Curt Doolittle
(Putting violence back into liberty one paragraph at a time.)

Lee C Waaks
If by violence, you mean private defense agencies armed with a can of whoop ass, I am all for it.

Adrian Nielsen
There can still be an institution that engages in violence but not a state. The problem with the state: social contract.
Only pacifist libertarians are against violence. Except for them, violence within liberty is not a novel idea.

Darcy Neal Donnelly
How do you defend you life (property) against a mosquito (parasite) or a pack of wolves (predators)? Do you beg or do you engage to the death?

Curt Doolittle
How have we done it in history? Militia

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