On My Use Of Terms

[I] don’t like to just ‘point’ to my glossary entries every time I use some term. I’d rather defend each term in context – it’s like physical fitness. I get better at my arguments with every ‘set of reps’.

In a perfect world, every time a use a term, FB would link to it in my glossary. (Even on my web site I have to do it manually).

But my Glossary is 50K words of definitions. I started it in 2009. I don’t really have to add to it all that often any longer.

I periodically take a given letter (A-Z) and update it. But you know, it’s turned out to be pretty stable.

Some terms are marked “undone” so that I go back and finish them. Some could use some clarification.

My original intention was to emphasize those terms that I have modified or which I’ve created. But many many terms have been modified to abandon enlightenment errors and introduce propertarian corrections to those terms.


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