Rothbard As Destroyer Of Liberty?

[S]o is liberty defined by voluntary exchange?

Or is liberty defined by suppressing all in-group involuntary transfer?

I’ll help you: it’s the latter.

Just like the Golden and Silver Rules, these two propositions lead to vastly different conclusions and their application leads to vastly different societies.

The gnostics were right about ‘Jehova’ and I’m right about ‘Rothbardianism’.

You couldn’t invent a better way to destroy liberty than a pseudoscience that encouraged passionate devotion to a false theory as a distraction from a scientific answer to a true theory.

“You oughtta’ think on that a bit” before you repeat one more rothbardian falsehood as a prayer for liberty.

Rothbardian ethics are immoral and parasitic, and the NAP is immoral, unethical and socially destructive.

If there is a hell, Jehova is laughing at you every time you quote the NAP.

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