Why Squander Inheritance Through Redistribution?

[W]hy should I squander my earnings through redistribution? Why should I squander my savings through redistribution? Why should I squander my culture’s high trust norms through redistribution? And why should I squander my genes through dysgenic redistribution?

If you claim to have rights to your earnings, to your life, and to your property, then why do you only have those rights and not the right to your other forms of capital?

My purpose is to promote my genes, even at the expense of others genes. If we can cooperate while I do that then that’s fine. But if we cannot cooperate while I do that, then there is no point in cooperation. We all demonstrate our time preference. That’s mine. That’s everyone on earth’s preference other than W.E.I.R.D’s – who are demonstrably suicidal.

Squandering your inheritance is suicidal.

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