How Is Anarchism A Functional System For A Country?

Anarchism depends upon rule of law, where the only law is private property, as the only formal institution of social order.  As far as we know this is the minimum requirement for the formation of a division of labor, trade, and contracts, and therefore an economy, wherein people possess a peaceful means for the resolution of disputes.

For an homogenous outbred people with secure borders experiencing limited rates of change, there is no reason that this system cannot work, but only in rare cases does it work. 

The problem we see in most of history, is that it has been hard for these groups to deny others the ability to impose a government.

In modern times, it has become extremely difficult to compete economically without the organization of a body that can tax and produce commons (infrastructure).   This does not mean that it cannot be done by private means. Only that it is rare that it is.

There is nothing terribly novel about anarchism other than the idea that it would exist outside of a ‘tribal’ polity.

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