Why Does The Belief Exist That The Usa Is A Conservative Country?

Asking who wins versus the vote distribution is confusing you. Our votes are polarized between right and left, and must be since these two views are in direct competition.

If american had a european mulit-party parliamentary system rather than just two choices our government would be very different, and it is likely that compromises would be achieved. However, the american system favors extremes because the party in power has really, too much power.

Europeans invented hard right politics. And had a war over it.  European progressivism comes from (a) multiple homogenous local nations that act like extended families, (b) the collapse of european self-confidence during the wars (the second time since the 30 years war) (c) because europe is not required to pay for, or perform it’s own defense.

Americans have always been somewhat heterogeneous, a virtual island (like britain and australia), have had confidence, and are self-defending.  On top of that (a) we follow the anglo absolute nuclear family model, (b) the culture is pure commercialism at its core, and (c) we are very heterogeneous.

Both european and american models are collapsing right now due to a century of postwar bad judgement, but the seriousness of that collapse is only now becoming visible. Which is why the academics have abandoned the taboo and started writing about it.


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