Poetic Expression Is Art – And Expensive

–“Not quite sure what you are trying to win and all the big words obscure things so that it all seems a fog to me. I like your poems so much more that are plain and simple but say so much…”– Kerry

Kerry, there are things that I can easily express as experiences, and things that are extremely difficult to express as experiences. I know it’s better to express anything as experiences. But I start out with these things that are very abstract, and work, usually over months, by trial and error, to reduce them to something that’s simple and insightful – and hopefully aphoristic. But to convert something like that to poetic and experiential form requires almost as long as it takes to reduce it to aphorism.

For many people, experiential intuition is a very important vehicle for meaning – for confirming the true. But I work largely with ideas that are counter-intuitive (not obvious). And much of human experience requires we seek the compromise of nash equilibria and pareto efficiency, not what we most desire – and most intuit.

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