Should A College Education Be Offered To All People Or To A Certain Group Of People Only?

“Should” is an interesting question.
“College Education” is a loose term.
“Offered” is a questionable term.
The data suggest we send way too many people to college and way too few people to apprenticeship programs.

Just statistically speaking, if it takes a 110-115 IQ to complete liberal arts education that means that we should be only educating `10-20% of the population and the rest should get vocational training rather than liberal arts training.

Now that said, if colleges and universities had to warrantee their products, rather than sell non performing products, say, by getting x% of your payroll for 30 years, then we could drop tuition fees altogether, loans altogether, and let universities borrow to cover float (receiveables) themselves. 

This would rapidly change the university system from just another parasitic quasi-governmental bureaucracy, to a market driven organization.

University costs and administrative costs would plummet, and courses woukd be outcome oriented.

This is the best idea for solving the problem of parasitic but useless university degrees.

We know now that we learn nothing at university if value.  All they do is sort and filter the population.

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