Operationalism Isn’t A Truth Test, It’s A Test Of Truth Telling. 🙂

(worth repeating)
From my notes….

–“An operational definition is produced by defining a process of operationalization and recording the results of operating that process; in order to define a variable, term, or object in terms of a set of tests needed to determine its existence, duration, and quantity or quality. Operational definitions define changes in state as those operations necessary to change state; define unobservable entities concretely in terms of the physical and mental operations used to measure them; and ensures that the definition of each observable and unobservable entity has been uniquely identified with the instrumentation used to define it. Just as the operational naming of numbers via positional numbering gives a unique name to every number, this process of operationalization gives a unique name to an extant entity consisting of the definition for that step, rather than consisting of an analogy that approximates it in some form or other. Operationalism is a process of granting unique names.”–

This ensures that we are discussing names of extant entities rather than allegories, functions, experiences, or imaginary projections.

Operationalism is not a truth test, it is a test of truth telling.

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