Truth is Enough

[I]t isn’t necessary to construct formal and informal institutions to control the goodness of man. Such a thing requires no constraint. A government, a law, a philosophy, an ideology, a religion, and a mythos need only be constructed to constrain in bad in man: that which seeks to avoid meritocratic contribution to production. So any system of government, system of law, philosophical framework, ideological moralism, religious doctrine, mythical narrative must acknowledge the ill in man, and how to put his ill to good as does the market in converting self interest to the service of others.

Any system that assumes the good in man, rather than the incentives for ill in man then, is but a system of deception in which those who would do ill, seek to corrupt the people and the society that do not.

Utopianism is always and everywhere a cover for criminal, unethical and immoral action. Without exception.

If the truth is not enough, then all that remains is deception.

Truth is enough.

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