Why Do We Keep Hearing That Production In America Is Now A Pipe Dream Since It Is So Much Cheaper To Produce Abroad? Wasn’t This The Case Throughout Much Of America’s History?

Americans still produce. Since 1972 the cost per unit has been steadily increasing. And america still produces complex goods. And inly complex goods that require increasingly skilled labor. However, from the civil war onward, America produced cheap goods because of cheap land and labor – so much so that it caused the european depression if the 1870s as prices and labor collapsed in europe. So the rest of the world, by converting from communism to capitalism, has done to ameruca what ameruca did to europe. 

As such, we cannot produce jobs for american laborers. And so our labor pool is increasing while our economic ability to create jobs for labor is decreasing. 

The solution is autarkic. But that has ewually dangerous insequences.

We won the battle with world communism.  We may or may not win the battle with world Islamism. Which is the same battle in different words.

But in foung so we gave up our privileged position in the world economy.

Had we retained our homogeneity our high trust woukd have been our advantage.  But that is dissipating as well. 

The future doesnt look politucally positive even if it looks technologically positive.


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