What Are The Principle Ideas Of The American Political Theorist James Burnham And What Is Their Importance?

1) That the family structure of all worldwide organizations, from business and industry to politics and government would be replaced by professional managers with empirical expertise in individual disciplines. (Law, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing (Propaganda), etc.)
“The Managerial Society”

2) That Democracies must always result in Oligarchies, without exception, out of necessity.

3) That the entire marxist, socialist, postmodern, (and feminist) program was both dishonest and contrary to science and reason.  And that all that will occur no matter what we do, is that we will replace one set of oligarchs with another set of oligarchs and because these oligarchs will function as elites, there will no material difference.

4) IMPLIED: that the managerial class will destroy family, culture, and nation.


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