29 November

Racism Is Curable: By Eliminating Demand for It

RACISM AND REVERSE RACISM: OR PERHAPS IT’S TRIVIALLY SIMPLE AND SUCH DISCUSSION IS DISHONEST In response to Matt Zwolinski : http://bleedingheartlibertarians.com/2014/11/on-reverse-racism-three-thought-experiments/ acts: 1) The distribution of physical desirability for mating, the …

28 November

Leninism’s Atavism

—“Leninism’s development of the totally expropriating state was profoundly atavistic. So atavistic that, the Soviet Union managed to pass through ibn Khaldun’s state cycle in a single life time. “— …

27 November

On Convincing Others

HALLENGING THOUGHT OF THE DAY(useful) 0 – We are unequally desirable mates – this is necessary for evolutionary adaptation.1 – We evolved a reproductive division of labor – the genders.2 …

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