Ending Demand For Racism

(positioning)(achieving equality)

[T]he only reason your race is behind my race or any other race is the difference between rates of reproduction of the classes. Just as my race is behind or a head of other races because of our suppression or lack of suppression of birth rates at the bottom. That’s it.

So fix it. Because until you do, racism will persist – and should. Because any other behavior is illogical. It is not the color of your skin or the shape of your nose, but the percentage of your population in the bottom half of mankind.

Human life isn’t universally sacred. It’s just that anyone who demonstrates disregard for human life is a potential risk and threat to the rest of us. But just because disregard for life is dangerous doesn’t mean you’re worthy of redistribution – or even the consumption of oxygen. You’re merely a moral hazard for the rest of us.

If you or your offspring can’t find a way to participate in production without externalizing your costs, then you aren’t a precious snowflake. You’re a moral hazard, and a drain on both humanity and the planet. And the source of the demand for a political class that exploits productive people to fund the dysgenic and unproductive.

You cannot deny this argument without in turn demonstrating your racial bias.

So control reproduction. A woman has no intrinsic right to bear a child, and a man no intrinsic right to spawn one.

That is the only way we get to equality. Equality in fact, not in lie.

And I agree: equality is a moral ambition.

Curt Doolittle 
The Propertarian Institute 
Kiev Ukraine