More Mises Institute Reaction to Propertarianism 😉

I don’t remember who in the thread above wondered aloud whether something Curt Doolittle wrote was a joke or not. This is generally a problem with reading what Curt Doolittle writes. It is one of the reasons I recommend not trying to read him. He has been captured by a mania for categorization, and the schema of categorization which he has constructed is largely unintelligible to anyone else. It might be that by reading him with close attention, one could, over time, learn to make sense of his writings. I myself have no interest in pursuing that strategy and am happily willing to do without whatever benefits might be attendant on such a strategy.  –  Jeff Riggenbach

Or Jeff Riggenbach – is it that the categorization I rely upon is scientific rather than rationalist, externally correspondent instead of justificationary, and that it successfully discredits the impossible, objectively immoral, and now failed, rothbardian program upon which your organization’s income depends? 

I have taken on a scale of work that few have dared or tried to by reforming hoppe’s cosmopolitan and kantian rationalism into the language of contemporary science. We have sufficient science now to do it.

I have done this to save liberty from the lunatic fringe: rothbardian ghetto morality, rothbardian and misesisan pseudoscience, blockian immorality, rockewellian conspiracy theory, the pervasive adoption of marxist critique (which you demonstrate above), and hoppe’s misguided foray into habermasian justification.

I am quite confident that no living philosopher can defeat the set of arguments I have put forth – even at their current level of maturity. And that is not a threat that I make without confidence that science has taught us that it is the language by which we speak truthfully, and german and cosmopolitan rationalism, a language by which we have constructed better and more effective lies of more murderous harm than any since the invention of scriptural religion.

So, you have a choice: Abandon immoral, marxian, pseudoscientific, pseudo-rational, cult nonsense that harms our pursuit of liberty on a daily basis, by casting and demonstrating libertarians and those who desire liberty as the lunatic fringe and liberty as a minority proposition of fools, libertines and outcasts.

Only the socially dysfunctional, socially marginalized and autistic spectrum public has adopted the rothbardian approach. And the era has peaked and your funding is collapsing. 

And that is a good thing. You can, like all intellectual movements, reform, or you can perish. You can either abandon the cosmopolitans and germans and join the scientific world, or remain a cult language of rebellion against modernity.

The Anglo enlightenment contained errors. The german enlightenment contained elaborate justifications by elaborate verbalisms. But the Cosmopolitan enlightenment was the most destructive force that man has faced since Abraham spun Zoroaster into monotheism as warfare.

So welcome to the revolution. 

Join it or be ended by it. I don’t, we don’t, beg for approval, we seek defeat.

Liberty in our lifetime.

Curt Doolittle 
The Propertarian Institute 
Kiev Ukraine.