Exorcising Guilt Over Cultural Criticism

[Y]ou know I feel guilty criticizing culture after culture – other than the germans – even though I am more critical of my own people’s universalist stupidity than I am of anyone else’s behavior. The only thing that continues to strike me and drive my bias is the economic technical and artistic results that a bunch of cattle-raiders produced by accident of telling the truth out of martial need, and then greedily protecting their well earned sovereignty by a division of responsibility and fear of authority instead of falling into the ‘civilization trap’ of ‘efficient organization’ that is anything but efficient.

Germans mostly get it right, but invented a new way to lie. Anglos really did get it wrong, but did it without lying. I won’t mention the french and the jews for obvious reasons. The Chinese do what works for them, although breaking up china would be the best thing that ever happened to the world – Mao was wrong. And breaking up India is the only way to fix corruption.
The only thing scale does is allow you to conduct war.

Reversing the Warfare State by converting to small countries with nuclear weapons solves a lot of problems.

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