We Never Know Anything. We Just Try. We Learn What Works.

[T]his is why the rationalist argument is a straw man. Critical Rationalism won. In propertarianism I focus on truthful speech as an IMPROVEMENT on critical rationalism’s narrow focus in the absence of ethical and moral constraints (imposed costs, such as creating a hazard). So operationalism is an existential test – a further criticism, on top of falsification, that is necessary when we speak of matters that may impose costs upon one another.

I can never know that I speak the ultimate truth, but I can know if I speak truthfully (morally). I can warranty truthful speech but I cannot warrant a statement is true.

And in publishing information into the commons I am distributing a product which may do harm or good. And I can be held accountable for unwarrantable speech, or unwarranted speech, but if I have warrantied my speech I cannot be held accountable in law for the negative consequences of it.

Conversely, if I did, then I CAN be held accountable for it.

So it is by these means I have tried to:

….(a) Extend critical rationalism by adding the additional requirement of operational description – something scientists already do but outside of psychology do not recognize as necessary criticism, and something that is necessary for all political questions, since only political questions require by definition transfers.

….(b) Redefine the scientific method as the method of speaking truthfully (warrantably).

….(c) Incorporate the principle of the voluntary exchange of property as the only test of moral action.


Under universal standing each of us can protect his or her commons from lies, cheats, socialization of losses, privatization of gains, and even the use and abuse of others – we an all act as sheriffs. We cannot resort to political favoritism.

The only problem is in creating judges. And we seem to be far better at creating judges than economists and philosophers.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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