We Took The  Family For Granted

[W]e spend all this time, text and talk on the individual, women, government and economy. But we took the structure of reproduction for granted.

We compete, using 1) the structure of group competition, 2) the structure of reproduction, 3) structure of pedagogy, 4) structure of production, and 5) structure of commons.

Liberalism has been nothing more than an exercise in hedonistic consumption at the expense of the civilization that made that consumption possible. We destroyed the family. And with it, our civilization.

It’s solvable. But it’s going to require blood and treasure to do it.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

Johannes Meixner :
There is no better way of productively reproducing than the nuclear family with two partners both merging assets together, and not separating until the offspring is at least adult (death is preferable).

Curt Doolittle:
Yep. Exclusive of formal institutions that is true. Although I could argue that a 2M-person homogenous-polity closed to immigration, with a great deal of government-as-insurer, and without marriage could work if savings were enforced on all parties in greatly expanded version of the Singaporean or Galveston models.

Johannes Meixner:
…well if you enjoy risk transfers beyond the top level required to offset moral hazard, you can choose to do that.

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