The 80/20 Rule of Western Genius

[T]he Left’s Hatred of Dead White European Male (DWEM) Genius

—“Human Accomplishment by Charles Murray (2003) makes clear that world-historical, genius level accomplishment is – or rather, was – numerically and proportionately a Dead White-European Male (DWEM) thing.”—

Yes but I am pretty sure that I have stated WHY it was a DWEM thing: TRUTH.

The question is how much of truth telling is genetic and how much is cultural. I tend to nearly ignore genetics in my arguments, and focus on distributions and norms – which is the opposite of the approach of the NRx movement per se.

However, it is possible that europeans’ reduced impulsivity and aggression, plus our rather unique rather uniform mix of verbal and spatial intelligence produced some specific genetic advantage; or it is possible that we self-selected for lower impulsivity and aggression out of

Watch how naturally white people work in formation. I don’t know if we selected for it or evolved it. But one way or another it’s part of us – combined risk. So that is what tends to make me think that western achievement is not entirely normative.

But I am still with the 80/20 proposition, that while as individuals our behavior is 80% genetic and 20% emergent, that western uniqueness is 20% genetic and 80% dependent upon the emergent effects of truth-telling and outbreeding.