North America: Why Is The Dominant Racial/ethnic Narrative Between ‘white’ America And ‘black’ America When The State Of ‘native’ America Ought To Be Addressed First?

There is no ‘ought’ in politics between groups.  Politics consists of: is, can, cannot between groups.  Oughts are an in-group question.  The reason being that while we may sacrifice for our kin (kin selection), we only cooperate with our non-kin (utilitarian).  If non-kin cause us sacrifice, then that is parasitism, not cooperation, and certainly not kin selection.

The reason for the black white conflict is (a) the south was a very different civilization and the US government was funded by export duties provided by the south.  THe north was supplying manufactured goods to the expanding interior.   When Napoleon sold the Louisiana Purchase, it meant that the southern states with their agrarian biases, would gain allies in the newly created territories, and thereby overpower the northern states in government, causing a southern-run government. 

Slavery was the ‘moral’ message that this political and economic conflict was couched within.  It was largely, if not purely, a distraction tactic.

The defeat of the south aside, the major problem was the forcible integration of the races under the premise that we are genetically equal in ability and temperment, and that environment was the only factor (blank slate).

Without that forcible integration it would not have been a problem.

However, it turns out that the opposite is true, that between 60-80% of our behavior is genetically determined. That the remainder is not necessairly ‘environmental’ but something that we do not yet fully understand. And that groups (races, classes, tribes) form kinship alliances, and that within these alliances we see unequal distribution of talents – particularly, 1) impulsivity 2) aggression, 3) verbal intelligence, and less meaningfully, 4) Spatial intelligence. 

So by forced integration we are unable to develop norms, memes, traditions, and habits that suit the individuals in the different groups. 

These are the reasons for the conflict. No one complains about asians.  We complain about blacks and hispanics on one end, and jews on the other.  And native americans, because they are literally invisible, are irrelevant compared to the other conflicts.

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